Wanderings and Wonderings

Ansel Adams once said, “The photograph is the equivalent of what you have seen and how you felt.” Well i think he did…? I had it written as a note on my phone, something poignant I thought was worth jotting down and according to my phone on the 22nd of January, 2013 at 23:15. Well, two years later is has a purpose.

Starting a ‘travel blog’ is always difficult, starting anything is for that matter. But once you start, I assume you just fill in the blanks that follow. There’s also an of expectation that the reading should be worth while, thought provoking in some instances, if not inspiring. So as the author you must sound more qualified than you are, carefully curating every word to seem well spoken, well written, well cultured or ‘well funny.’ I don’t really think I am any of these so I’ll keep the writing to a minimum and let the photographs tell you what I have seen and how I felt. Before I do, I should say that beginning a photographic project is similarly as difficult, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing, you're just wandering and wondering. 

Wandering and wondering, two things I haven't done much of since graduating, and I don't mean a quick Sunday afternoon stroll with a good old fashioned pub lunch at the end, (although glorious.) NO. Entirely different. Time, time to walk, think and create without the restraints of a full time job, that’s the aim of this year: to give myself the opportunity to be creative every day.

Anyway, I arrived in Myanmar and have since left. Incredible. I have got ahead of myself, I'm not starting a travel blog, I can't call it that.

I post occasional iPhone snaps on Instagram.

*If you really want to know what I ate or what the inside of a mixed dorm looks like or how not to put up a mosquito net then just email me.

** Watch Rambo IV.

*** Wandering and wondering- look at the work by Jem Southam and read Rebecca Solnit.